Lost Games

As a gamer sometimes I can become grossly disappointed. I don’t just mean the kind of disappointment that comes from spending $60 on a new, triple-A title only to beat it on its hardest setting in less time than it takes to watch the directors cut of The Lord of the Rings (I’m looking at you, Modern Warfare 2), but rather the immense disappointment that I feel when a game I am really looking forward to gets cancelled.  Here is a list of some of those titles whose publishers ripped my heart out and proceeded to have their way with it.


This was to be the third game in the Oracle series on the Game Boy Color and was to focus heavily on the flow of time. The player would not only be able to manipulate it, but in some cases would need to wait until a certain time of day to complete various puzzles. Being a big fan of Majora’s Mask just makes it hurt even more to have lost another title with similar concepts. It is rather unfortunate that Capcom decided not to finish this title but they wouldn’t have cancelled it unless it was really bad right? (Don’t correct me - thinking it was going to be terrible helps lessen the pain)


For the few of us who know it exists, there are many fond memories of McGee’s dark and twisted version of Alice in Wonderland. So it comes as no surprise that when they announced a new title based on  L. Frank Baum’s Oz I and many others were more than enthusiastic. But due to publishers being completely clueless, this horrific romp down the yellow brick road was cancelled.


The Lost was a 3rd person shooter/Survival Horror game that was a modern representation of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy with a focus on Inferno. Although the game was in fact completed, The Lost, much like its main protagonist went through many stages of hell until it was ultimately cancelled. Despite this fact the game was actually fully completed - what’s even more disappointing is that FX Labs, the Indian partner of Irrational Games, has adapted it into a more localized version for India and even remade it for a western audience on the PC named Inferno, but it is unable to be purchased off of their website.


There is not much I can say about DK3 other than its cancellation has made me forever feel like there is an emptiness in my soul that will never be filled. Those of you who played the Dungeon Keeper series by Bullfrog Productions know very well of its dark humor and wickedly fun action/strategy elements. From what I understand, we can all blame EA for wanting to make cheap games based on movies instead of making the final installment of an unholy trinity that could have been one of the best strategy games we have ever seen.



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