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Zelda Texture Pack for Minecraft Updated

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Darksiders II - All The Ass Kickery One Man Can Handle

Darksiders 2

I am a major fan of the original Darksiders with it’s sexy blend of Devil May Cry and The Legend of Zelda with a touch of Metroid thrown in for extra tangyness. It is an orgy of action, puzzles, beautiful artwork, and big muscley men punching one another in the face. Hell even the way War opened chests was by literally punching them in the face.

Fists Are Like a Master Key

Darksiders II is coming out August 14th which is this coming Tuesday and that day cannot come fast enough. DSII will feature massive levels to explore and on top of the masterful combat system they even included a loot system to satisfy my need for shiny new equipment. So if a game with the artwork of Warhammer, combat of a Devil May Cry/God of War, puzzles and dungeons of The Legend of Zelda (but on a much grander scale), loot collecting of Diablo, platforming of Prince of Persia, gadget based progression into new areas throughout the world like Metroid (or for younger players the Batman Arkham games), and the best of all sweet ass horses doesn’t get you giddy as a school girl then you might want to take up a new hobby like golf…

Yay Ponies!

We know it’s all about the horses!


Shadowrun Returns!


So it would seem that all of us old-school Shadowrun fans (i.e. Fans of the series before the FPS on 360) are getting one of our wishes and that’s a new game based on the cyber-punk universe we love. Only 28 hours ago there was a Kickstarter project started by the original creator of the Shadowrun universe Jordan Weisman and after that amount of time they have already raised enough money to start making the game. What’s even better is that now with the more donations they receive more features will be added such as co-op and PvP deathmatches. So open your hearts and your wallets and give, give, give! Here is the original Kickstarter project video and to visit the site CLICK HERE!


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New Saints Row The Third Trailer!

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Enter the Gates of Hell Once Again!

I must start out saying I am a huge Hellgate London fan as I did the beta and played it until the day it went down. I even still play the single player campaign of it just because it is that good. For those of you unfortunate enough to have not experienced this gem of a game, it was made by the same team as the Diablo series which at the time was Flagship Studios (now named Runic Games, yes the guys who made Torchlight) and was essentially a futuristic Diablo set in London with the ability to go into first person view to shoot.

It is a glorious game! Anyways, the Korean company Hanbitsoft is reviving the game as a free to play which has a beta starting up in June!!! I am eagerly awaiting the beta servers going up as I am one of the lucky chaps fortunate enough to test it. I do hope that Hanbitsoft has not ruined a beloved classic by changing too much. I have already noticed that they removed it’s DX10 capabilities and went with a lower end DX9 setup instead. I guess only time will tell.

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Monsters of Torchlight 2

The Yakotaur

The Yakotaur

The Estherians tell stories of brutal snow-beasts that ravage the Estherian Steppes, leaving behind little more than the crushed and mangled corpses of those unfortunate enough to encounter one. Part mountain yak, part yeti, the Yakotaur is a towering behemoth with a vicious disposition. The Estherians claim they are fury-filled nature spirits, and that their bellowing challenge is a cry of rage from the very mountains themselves. But those who have survived their savage attacks say that they are all too solid—particularly their ram-like horns.

The Manticore

The Manticore

As immortals, the Zeraphi and their armored counterparts, the Ezrohir, fear very little in the Mana Wastes. But even they quail before the might of the dreaded Manticore: one part lion, two parts dragon, and altogether savage. Manticores lair in the darkest caves and caverns, sheltering from the blistering heat of the desert sun—but emerge frequently to sate their ravenous hunger. Although they mostly prey on beasts of burden and the like, from time to time they pounce upon an unwary traveler—and, the hungrier the Manticore, the more savagely it mauls its prey…

The Witch

The Witch

Long ago, in the fetid Blightbogs, a cult of demon-worshipping primitives made a dark pact with the diabolical Netherim, gaining power undreamed of with which to inflict cruel suffering on their enemies. They sacrificed anyone and everyone to power their foul rites, including, ultimately, their own humanity. And now, with souls forever blackened by corruption, Witches are horror personified. As their bodies succumb to the taint of their evil, they build makeshift limbs to animate. And when their hands are no longer up to the task, they fashion malevolent little puppets to do their awful bidding.

The Gargoyle

The Gargoyle

Who can say they have never looked up at a grotesque statue, perched upon a parapet, and wondered, just for a moment, if it weren’t looking back down? And who, looking into those baleful eyes, hasn’t felt that same primal dread that prey has when gazing upon a predator? The Gargoyle is that stony fiend, brought to perverse parody of life by ancient magic and an enduring malevolence that has seen centuries of blood-soaked carnage pass by. Their harsh forms line the walls of Grunnheim’s eldest ruins, peering patiently down, ever waiting for a fresh victim to pass below.

Dwarven Automata

Dwarven Automata

When the dwarves ruled the land, they built armies of Ember-powered Automata to act as servants, and sentinels, and even armies. Their clockwork armies helped them conquer and enslave countless other races, who they then forced to mine more Ember, to build more Automata, to conquer even more races. The Automata were the dwarves’ most efficient tool for building their world-spanning empire. But today, the Automata continue stumbling and clanking along, still following commands given thousands of years ago, still guarding the crumbling bones of their masters … with a murderous efficiency.

Spectral Dragon

Spectral Dragon

The dragons are all but gone from the world. In the waning days of the dwarven empire, when Ember became scarce, the noble beasts were hunted, enslaved, and harnessed, so that the dwarves could siphon off their energy to power their machines. Then, after the dwarves died out, an ancient cult of Estherian zealots found the enchained dragons, and worshipped them as captive gods, feeding them tainted Ember, until they were mad with corruption. The dark Estherians slaughtered the dragons when they became too dangerous, but it was too late: Their Ember-fouled spirits lingered on as Spectral Dragons—maniacal, feral spirit-dragons, with an insatiable hunger for magic … and for those who use it.


Torchlight 2 Creature Races

Here are some of the other races you will encounter during your travels through Torchlight 2!

Torchlight II - Sturmbeornen

In the far north of Vilderan dwell the Beornen: a race of bear-men who have developed a primitive culture built around exploration and trade - and, from time to time, plunder. These raiders, or “Sturmbeornen,” cross the northern channel and ravage the coastline settlements, pillaging and slaughtering in their quest for power, glory, and battle.

Most of these raiding parties consist of a few dozen bear-men, but a veritable army of Sturmbeornen has recently arrived in the Estherian Steppes - far outside their usual range. Led by the fearsome warlord, General Grell, the Sturmbeornen push ever nearer the Enclave, the last city of the Estherians, and not even the might of the Vanquisher Corps can stop them.

Torchlight II - Ezrohir

Although the Zeraphi finally recognized the dangers of Ember and gave up their war over the Estherians’ Ember, one faction refused to lay down arms. The Ezrohir pursued the retreating Estherians, seizing their mines. With the Estherians’ Ember, the Ezrohir eventually perfected their own process for encasing souls in suits of armor.

But the process was flawed. The Ezrohir gained immortality - but the corrupted ore burns out over time, and the Ezrohir die unless they can procure more Ember. Their insatiable need for Ember led to a disastrous war with the Zeraphi, and the Ezrohir were driven out into the Mana Wastes, forced to hide in their ancient fortresses. For centuries they have waited, and plotted … and their vengeance is finally at hand.

Torchlight II - Dwarves

The oldest myths of the creation of the world always mention the dwarves: Short, stout beings who discovered the secret of Ember-powered clockworks, and, with it, conquered all of Vilderan and much of the rest of the world. But their lust for Ember led them to make war on the dragons, and, ultimately, brought them to the brink of destruction. As the dwarves’ power waned, the races they had subjugated rose up and decimated them, sacking their glorious cities and plundering their precious Ember-powered machines.

All that is left now of the once-mighty dwarven empire are their dead, grotesquely animated by the corruption of Ember, and their wondrous machines; all still steadfastly defending their deserted mines and ruined cities from invaders who never come.

Torchlight II - Varkolyn

After dwarven civilization collapsed, their oldest enemies, the Varkolyn, crept from the shadows, claiming the ruined keeps and palaces as their dominion: the Kingdom of the Dark. For centuries afterward, the Varkolyn ruled over the dwarven ruins, making war on their neighbors and preying on anyone who strayed within their territories. Ultimately, they failed to grow their civilization: The First Great Varkolyn Empire was also the last.

For all their pretense of civilization, for all their glorious plans, the Varkolyn lack the expertise to carry them out. Those on the fringes of Varkolyn society have a tendency to backslide into barbarism, splitting into feral clans and even going to war with their more advanced cousins. All that still unites them is their utter contempt for other races.

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Dead Block (Yes I know, more zombies!)

Dead Block

SO there is a new game coming out this summer for PC, PS3, and 360 that has a group of survivors barricading themselves in buildings throughout town trying to survive. Yep I am totally sold already. It will have co-op and crazy zombie killing action. Your main defense will be barricades and traps to defeat zombies while using weapons as a fall back. Well enough chitchat and more videos!


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Orcs Still Must Die!

Well ladies and gents, for those of you who remember my previous post about Orcs Must Die! I have more videos about the game for you to feast your eyes on. Enough talk, more videos!


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Updated the Terraria Wallpapers

All of the Terraria wallpapers I posted on her have been updated so if you downloaded any of them before and noticed some image quality degradation when you applied it as a wallpaper redownload the image from here now and it should be better.

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Another Terraria Wallpaper

This one is 800 x 600 as per request.

Here is the 1024 x 768 version

Here is the 1920 x 1080 version

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Terraria Tumblr background!

You may have noticed my new background based on the Terraria website. Ooh so fresh and new *sniffs* awwww I love the smell of fresh wallpaper…


Terraria Wallpapers by me…

Okay so I started from scratch and whipped up a couple Terraria wallpapers to suit my needs for now. Just in case some people don’t realize it, click the images for fullsize.

Also this next image despite looking fairly plain was actually a pain in the butt to make because it is a Frankenstein creation of a wallpaper comprised of so many cut’s, clones, snips, and airbrushed features of a ton of screenshots. Was it worth it? I hope so. 

Terraria Landscape

Hopefully you guys like these and if so, I can make more.

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Zelda 3 [Episode 2] - Hyrule Castle


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Zelda 3 [Episode 1] - The Secret Passage 


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