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Enter the Gates of Hell Once Again!

I must start out saying I am a huge Hellgate London fan as I did the beta and played it until the day it went down. I even still play the single player campaign of it just because it is that good. For those of you unfortunate enough to have not experienced this gem of a game, it was made by the same team as the Diablo series which at the time was Flagship Studios (now named Runic Games, yes the guys who made Torchlight) and was essentially a futuristic Diablo set in London with the ability to go into first person view to shoot.

It is a glorious game! Anyways, the Korean company Hanbitsoft is reviving the game as a free to play which has a beta starting up in June!!! I am eagerly awaiting the beta servers going up as I am one of the lucky chaps fortunate enough to test it. I do hope that Hanbitsoft has not ruined a beloved classic by changing too much. I have already noticed that they removed it’s DX10 capabilities and went with a lower end DX9 setup instead. I guess only time will tell.

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